A'LOVE 4SPARKLE  offers jewelry pieces made with gold plating onto stainless steel and sterling silver as well as other metals with or without gold plating. Please carefully review the product descriptions before purchase incase of any allergies to certain types of metals. If you have any question regarding a product's material please feel free to contact us:



Gold Plating

Over time, gold plated jewelry will experience discoloration due to exposure to chemicals, moisture, etc. Follow these steps to ensure that your jewels will last as long as possible:

- Spray perfumes, use lotions and oils before applying your jewelry.

- Remove jewelry before exercising, swimming, and showering.

- Gently wipe jewelry after each wear with a cotton ball or soft cloth.

- To polish your jewelry, wipe them with a polishing cloth.

- Store jewelry separately when not in use. Keep them wrapped in a soft material  prevent scratches.